About SmartAC.com
SmartAC.com is a member based platform designed to deliver the most value to homeowners and HVAC service providers alike. Our inspiration was not only from our own experiences, but from the hundreds of homeowners, friends and family members who had frustrations with how HVAC ownership works today.
We knew the only way to change it was to build an affordable technology-based bridge to address the concerns and negative experience of homeowners while respecting the necessity of skilled, reputable HVAC service providers. We had a vision to remove the inefficiencies, providing more transparency and better economics for all stakeholders.
So we set out to create a cost effective way for homeowners to change the way they experience comfort. Now after thousands of hours of R&D, engineering, mass-production setup, field testing and UX design… we’re finally ready to let the world see what we’ve built.
It's not perfect yet, and may never be... but it works!
We’re confident that as the SmartAC.com community grows, we will continue to learn from the data and listen to user feedback as we strive to perfect the experience of HVAC ownership.