Code of Ethics
At we are proud to have a code of ethics for how we interact with our members. We expect our Certified Partners to meet these same ethical standards, and we will solicit member feedback to ensure that both we and our partners are living up to our mutual commitments.
- We will serve our customers with integrity, competence, and objectivity.
- We will deliver all that we promise to our customers through valuable services.
- We are in the business of long term relationships, not short term profits.
- We will perform our work to meet or exceed technical codes and standards.
- We will explore each customer's specific situation in sufficient detail and gather sufficient facts to gain an understanding of their problems, scope the assistance they need, and determine how to best serve them.
- We will seek to service the customer’s equipment in the most cost efficient manner possible; review and troubleshoot remotely first, repair whenever possible and cost efficient, replace as a last resort Our pricing will be completely transparent.
- We will be respectful, polite, and calm in our relationships with others.
- We will avoid any and all discrimination or harassment.
- We will comply with all national, state, and local laws and regulations, including maintaining insurance, licensing, and/or registration as required.